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To this site I have collected my colored pencil works. I have always liked drawing, but earlier I just used regular pencils. Then many years ago I bought a set of 12 colored pencils and thought to give it a try. And that's how it started. Since then I have used colored pencils almost exclusively, except for ink for calligraphy works. I also have "a few" pencils more than when I started. Recently, though, I have more or less given up drawing after I found that it is much easier and quicker to take photographs! I have not abandoned my pencils for good, though.

However, I have a small problem. I've found the sources for my pictures (except for the fauna) from various web sites and some books. The problem is that I haven't been able to find those sites or books again. This means that I haven't been able to give credit to some of the original artists. If anyone knows whose work I have used as a reference for some of my pictures, please let me know.

I hope you enjoy your visit here. I'll be adding more pictures as soon as I get them finished (which may not be very soon at the moment), so stop by every now and then.